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Switchur App
The home of the Switchur app. Sign up, log in, and configure your Switchur settings.
Find out why Switchur is the leading automation orchestration solution.
Read more about what makes Switchur, and the Switchur team, tick.
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Log in to Switchur
Got an account? Log in to Switchur, or use your Facebook or Google details.
Your Switchboard (must be logged in)
Create the prompts (switches, counters and keywords) that initiate and determine outcomes of the automations.
Your Automations (must be logged in)
Create the automations, connecting and combining your Switchboard item states with the desired automation outcomes.
Settings (must be logged in)
Manage your account, change password, and view connected services.
Switchur Support
Get assistance with any questions and experience the best Switchur has to offer.
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
If you need help with Switchur then search or browse the collection of frequently asked questions covering getting started, the switchboard, and automation configuration.
Contact us
Get in touch with us via the contact form, or find out how to reach us by email, telephone, fax, or post.
Privacy policy
Review the privacy policy.
Terms of service
Review the terms of service.
Switchur Blog | Blurbs
Your source for news, articles, tips, and tidbits on the topic of home and life automation.
Blog welcome
Browse, filter, and/or search through all Switchur blog posts.